Al Caprara


Although deeply influenced by the guitarists of the late 60’s and early 70’s, Al’s musical muse must certainly be Clapton. One would have the right to expect the face of an Eric Clapton tribute band to sound a bit like the celebrated musician, however, Al has mastered Clapton’s vocabulary completely. His vocals and guitar solos are highly evocative of Clapton’s own styling: deeply emotional and yet highly technical.

Lou Caprara


Lou patterns his styling after the celebrated drummers of jazz. However, since co-founding the Bell Bottom Blues, Lou’s greatest pleasure is in emulating the styles of Clapton’s own amazing drummers: Ginger Baker (Cream, Blind Faith), Jim Gordon (Derek & the Dominos) and most recently Steve Gadd. Keeping the drumming true to these great musicians has not only been tremendously satisfying to Lou, but its own reward.

Jon Huey Tatlow


Jon “Huey” Tatlow has been playing music since age 7, and was one of the first electric bass players in New Jersey to play in a marching band. His musical styles are always evolving through his playing and recording, but the British Invasion and blues of the late ’60’s was always close to his heart. His passion and joy for performing live is always evident.

John Kurdyla


Evolving from a variety of styles, John has always remained true to his love of the blues. His distinctive backing, lead, and slide guitar work completes the sound that is the Bell Bottom Blues. John is deeply influenced by the three Yardbirds guitarists Clapton, Page, and Beck. His ability to weave these stylings into his guitar work is in large part why the Bell Bottom Blues are so remarkable.

Lori Davis


Lori herself has been a staple at the Jersey Shore entertainment scene, singing professionally for 30 years in and around the tri-state area, performing in many high end venues with many well-known bands  such as “Step Aside”, “The Shades”, “Hourglass” and the owner of “Main Attraction”. Lori also is known for appearing in many celebrity events, as well as her commercial & studio work 

Charlie Stoddard


Charlie has been performing in and around New Jersey venues since the age of 18; either as a keyboard player for popular 70’s club bands such as “DREAMER” or as an original (on screen) cast member of the wildly popular TV program “The Uncle Floyd Show”. He also has very eclectic tastes in music, specifically prog rock bands such as ELP and Genesis but then switching 180 degrees to songs by “Bert Kaempfert” & “Spike Jones”. His main passion in playing music with others is his ability to recreate the original sounds used in the recordings and looks forward to the new challenges presented to him by “The Bell Bottom Blues”.

Tom Coughlin


Tom is a multi-instrumentalist bringing his tenor and alto sax as well as percussion to add to the band’s sound.  Tom is a regular on the NJ music scene since the late 70’s and plays with several tribute, cover and original acts. Tom not only covers the trademark horn lines but also fills in to add a unique dimension to Clapton’s sound. 

Sheri Lynn


Sheri is an experienced vocalist whose professional career began at the early age of 16, and has been a key feature of several successful bands over the years. Sheri has spent decades honing her craft in practically every bar and club in the tri-state area, developing a broad and diverse range of vocal techniques. She is well known in the music community for her passionate performance style and keen sense of musicality, which she largely attributes to countless evenings learning harmonies from her father around the Sunday dinner table with her sisters. (One of whom is fellow Bell Bottom Blues vocalist, Lori Davis!) Sheri is thrilled to be joining such a talented group of musicians in tribute to such an iconic legend, Eric Clapton!

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